I remember when I was 5 or 6, and started collecting baseball cards. There was always a moment of excitement when I was shuffling through a pack, and saw someone from the Cardinals. It was only a photo on a piece of cardboard, but it was a way for me to connect with the players I admired. There was pride, too. A feeling of--”hey, that guy plays for my team in my city!” Over time, I grew to love the images on the cards as much as, if not more than, whoever happened to be on them. The moments captured on those cards presented compelling narratives, using one image to convey the essence of each player.

Thirty years later, some things have changed--now I have the opportunity to present stories in my own photographs. And I still have that same sense of pride in this city. Now, though, that feeling comes from the amazing artists living and working here.

I’m excited to bring all those elements together with this project, and present a selection of local visual artists in a fun and unique way. I hope it will connect people with the artists, and the artists with each other.

I wanted to compose portraits that tell the story of each artist by photographing them in their studios or work environments. These creative spaces are as much a part of the story of each artist as their finished work, and it was important to present that in the photographs. Another important element was to present all these artists on the same ‘team,’ instead of being in competition with each other. With that in mind, the different mediums are presented as positions, with everyone working towards the same goal.

Saturday, February 3 | 4:00-8:00 p.m.
Intersect Arts Center
3636 Texas Ave., St. Louis 63118

More info about the reception on Facebook.


With support from the Regional Arts Commission.